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Outline of the Safety Confirmation System 

It is our policy to urgently confirm the safety of all Tokyo Tech students, faculty and staff,and JSPS research fellows (hereinafter referred to as "members of Titech") simultaneously in the wake of a large-scale earthquake, including at night and on holidays. We have introduced the "Safety Confirmation Service" of SECOM Co., Ltd.

The “SECOM Safety Confirmation Service” automatically sends out e-mails to the members of Titech when, based on the public earthquake information, an earthquake measuring “lower 5” or above on the seismic intensity scale is observed in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Those who receive the e-mail must respond to it and report their safety status.

 Safety Confirmation E-mail  
    ※Please refer to “Outline of the Safety Confirmation System” for how to report your safety status.

   [Subject] 【confirmation safety status】Inform your status.
   [E-mail address] SECOM Safety Confirmation Service <>
             Outline of the Safety Confirmation System Document(pdf)   
User's Initial Registration

In principle, the e-mails will be sent to email addresses that Tokyo Tech has provided for the members of Titech. However, you may register additional e-mail addresses, etc. (mobile address, LINE, etc.) on the system for receiving the e-mail.
Please refer to “User’s Manual for Initial Registration” below and register personal e-mail addresses, etc. at which you can easily be reached.

           User's Manual for Initial Registration(internal) (pdf) 

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